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Restaurant Tablecloths
Let's first open with a survey released in the US found that during 2009, members of the public visiting restaurants with white tablecloths has increased by over 40% compared to last year. AND! To drive the point home, these same diners are spending more on their meals when dining out than they did a year ago. Thus it's pretty clear that in the restaurant industry, good quality tablecloths make a difference in the customers' eyes (new and existing) which helps take care of the business and ultimately the profit.

So, the question is what makes a good tablecloth for a restaurant? to answer this question we need to know we want from a restaurant tablecloth. Ultimately we would like the restaurant tablecloth to look clean and bright, crisp yet soft to the touch. However, it must not only feel and look good, it must also be highly practical which means that it protects the table surface from scratches and any other kind of damage, it absorbs all the sauces and drips that come from a juicy feast.

From a upscale restaurant tablecloth point of view, fine Irish linen is a popular choice but it can break the budget of smaller eateries, restaurants, and diners. It takes more effort and costs a lot more in terms of the tablecloths and the costs for laundry, but in reviewing the returns in dollars it really depends on the particular restaurant, many businesses will not accept the high expense for "fine Irish linens" when standard polyester restaurant tablecloths in white or other solid colors will work just as well.

Tablecloth fabric is important as they affect the way the tablecloths will hang on the table, the way they feel to the touch, the way the light bounces off the cloth surface etc. If you are a cafe or diner that serves breakfasts and fast foods then polyester tablecloths might be more appropriate.

In terms of colors, white is the safest choice especially for a restaurant that focuses on formal events. It is a wise choice and shows to the customer that you have a clean restaurant with nothing to hide. White is also the color that exudes dining elegance, and class. If white is not a possibility then you could always have an linen undercloth or a table runner for accent with a different color.

Not all restaurants require tablecloths, as quality furniture is often the best approach for the restaurant and food served. However, if you are going to use tablecloths in a restaurant then consider the points made in this restaurant tablecloths article, it's your restaurant!, and it's your success!.

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